As we near the end of another week,  I’ve been reflecting upon the week that was.

As always it’s been a week of learnings and the themes that surfaced were around respect, gratitude, responsibility and extremes.

As I’ve said before, I fully believe this is a POWERFUL year but what I’ve also learnt is that it’s so important to stay stable and balanced as we ride this wave of uncertainty (called life) and are challenged with EXTREME circumstances.  Extreme Highs and Extreme Lows.

It’s super important to stay dialled into your frequency to stay aligned which allows you to flow forward: to stay tuned into your own radio station without static and interference.

Another reminder that surfaced is that we are not responsible for anyone else.  We can’t save or rescue others – their stuff is their responsibility, not ours.  This year has a strong theme of “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”.

One of my greatest values is RESPECT.  Not only respecting yourself but particularly having others respect YOU and your time, your energy and your space.  Respect provides the basis for a solid foundation within relationships and connection with other people.  When there’s no respect that’s a “no go” zone.  For me it’s a non negotiable.

Finally GRATITUDE. One of the greatest emotions that exists.  It’s such a high vibrational word and feeling.  I start my day with gratitude and it raises and sets my energy and intention for the day ahead.  Hand in hand with gratitude is positivity.   

 There’s a beautiful quote from PJ and George “negativity and fear cannot hold its breath when surrounded by positivity and gratitude”  and this is so true.  

Gratitude is a demeanour, it’s a way of “being”.  Gratitude helps lift us into being better people.

So as you embark on the weekend ahead, take the time out to reflect on your learnings from this week and think about your key takeaways.  It’s a handy exercise to do to help you learn and grow.

Happy weekend!!