Here’s my theme for the week – LOVEgiving and receiving to yourself and others

Yeh we all know about it but so many struggle to embrace it wholeheartedly. Self love and self worth are the core of many of our issues

So many of my clients are exceptional at GIVING love to others.  For many it’s a natural, innate part of themselves and ooze nurturing and empathy for others.

However I find the first hurdle is loving yourself – giving yourself the love and kindness, like you show to others.  Always a tricky area – giving yourself permission to make you a priority and to turn around the head talk to be more positive and loving. Being gentle and nurturing and loving to yourself – just like you are to others can really be a struggle for many people.  But this year is very much about putting the oxygen mask on yourself first- just like the safety demonstrations before you take off on the planes. You can’t help others if you’re not looking after you and putting yourself first.

So this week a common theme that came up was about  receiving love from others.  Giving and receiving love is a universal dynamic loop system. You need to be able to do both to allow the beautiful flow.  When the flow is unbalanced there’s too much going out and not enough coming in and creates a lack of momentum.

To receive is just as important as giving.  We need it to be balanced to enable that beautiful flow.  I was reminded this week about the Joy it gives people to GIVE.  So by not allowing yourself to receive, you’re actually cutting off someone else’s JOY.

So this weekend, give yourself permission to receive when someone is offering you something coming from a place of love.  It doesn’t mater how big or small, but allow yourself to receive some random act of kindness, because you’ll make someone feel really happy and it will continue your flow of giving and receiving love.

Get out of your comfort zone and give it a go!!