Let go, step up and be more rather than do more.
Work with me to get centred, stable and grounded so that you can be in alignment and have more flow in your life.

Achieve success & find fulfilment

Do you want more from your life?
Are ready to do the work to change it? Have you woken up and feel like your life isn’t where you thought it would be and you know there has to be more than just this.

You have the choice to lift into the highest version of yourself and realise your full potential. Build the strength to gain greater self awareness and understand the choices you make. Find the courage to transition from today and transform to create a foundation of peace, calm, fulfilment and happiness in your life.

“I just wanted to share with you the positive effects of “Breakthrough Barriers Workshop” has had on my wellbeing……I’m finally breathing, living my life’s purpose and it’s beautiful!”

– PJ (Penny) –

“As a solopreneur, I have my challenges. One of them was massive to do lists, some days I ended up procrastinating, doing nothing, instead of ✅ ✅ them. I benefited from the structure of Sally’s 4 week goal setting course. Along with the energy of the group. I love it, thank you for your support! The Coach needs a coach”



Grow, heal, connect and create

My mission is to help people break through their barriers and maximise and take control of their life.

I work with you and your energy in a practical way to help you be more of who you are, rather than doing more.

I help you to get to a place where you experience being in alignment and flow, whilst being centred and stable. The most powerful place you can be is where you are in alignment and radiating your energy so that the right people are drawn to you and you are comfortable in your own skin.

  • Let go of doubt, people’s judgements, criticisms and the things that don’t matter. 
  • Step up and expand into your strength and empower yourself.
  • Be more of you in the present moment
  • Take back the control, implement healthier boundaries, learn to say no more often and put yourself first.
  • Learn to take responsibility of your own journey and build a path toward where you want to be.
  • Accelerate deeper healing and personal growth.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and when your body sends you cues. 
  • Give yourself permission to put yourself first and take action to do so.

Working with your frequency, vibration and energy in a practical way.

I work to stabilise you, to allow you to navigate life during uncertain and challenging times. By learning to live more consciously and in tune with your energy levels you can heal and grow quickly and deeply.

Connecting with your own energy and body and understanding what you truly need allows you to not only protect your own energy, mental and physical health, but also create positive change in your life.

Put yourself first, honour your energy, so you can think, feel and act the way you truly feel.

“I have completed a 6 session program with Sally, which included a combination of practical coaching + activator (also known as dimensional healing) sessions. Through the activator work Sally gave me wonderful intuitive guidance on issues I was dealing with, which she picked up with accuracy. The delivery of messages were thoughtful, caring + VERY insightful! I believe root causes of personal issues/challenges must be addressed + healed if you’re looking for long lasting solutions + more personal liberation to enable growth!! – activator healing addresses this 100%! This is exactly what Sally can help with – I feel more peaceful + stronger mentally, physically emotionally + spiritually. I highly recommend Sally + activator healing to anyone who is looking for more clarity, focus, energy + inner happiness.” Zlata

Do you like what you see in the mirror? Isn’t it time to get back in the drivers seat, after all you only live the life YOU create!

  • Let go of  the things that don’t matter.
  • Step up and into your strength and empower yourself.
  • Take back the control, implement healthier boundaries.
  • Learn to say no more often and put yourself first.
  • Take responsibility of your journey and build a path toward what you want.
  • Accelerate deeper healing and personal growth.
  • Learn to listen to your intuition and when your body sends you cues.

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“Sally was an angel for me when I needed a powerful energy clearing and morale boost. Our 90 minute virtual quantum healing session was very relaxing and soothing. She was excellent at finding my blocks and clearly explained this gentle but deep process so I felt included and supported. After a good night’s sleep (the session helped with that as well), I felt more at peace and had much more clarity and excitement about moving forward where I had been feeling blocked and frustrated. It has been a truly effective and comforting healing experience. Thank you, Sally!”



“Sally Estlin is an amazing facilitator. Her Monday Mindset goal setting and
motivation sessions were a great fun and focussed way to start the week.” Alyson Williams

Are you ready to transform?
Do you want more from your life?
Are you ready to take charge?

Are you feeling:
– Isolated, stuck or blocked
– Trapped and you want more
– Unhappy, apathetic or overwhelmed
– Stressed, anxious or unenergised
– Down, sad or depressed

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