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Finding your way with Sally Estlin. Break down barriers to heal and grow quickly and deeply. Shift from inner pain to inner peace.

The life you deserve

By working with me, you will be supported to let go, step up and be more. I guide, support and direct you through an extensive range of tools and techniques designed to achieve lasting change in your life.

  • Find a deeper connection with your life and self
  • Find solutions to problems holding you back
  • Create freedom in your life
  • Bring in fun, meaning and happiness

“Sally was a wonderful practitioner. She made me feel comfortable to talk about anything that came up. I would highly recommend Sally, she is personable, friendly and an absolute joy to deal with.”

– JESS –

Ways to work with me

I work utilising  ‘The Freedom Model: to ride the wave of life’



Price Session length # of sessions Delivery
Empower Zen community with Alyson Williams FREE unlimited Online
Path to Change call | Introductory session FREE 15 mins 1 session Online / Face to Face
Quantum Healing | Activator sessions Individual sessions $200 60 mins 1 session Online / Face to Face
Quantum Healing | Activator package 6 Sessions $1110 6 x 60 mins 6 sessions Online / Face to Face
Quantum Healing | Activator Program 12 Week program $1980 12 x 60 mins 12 sessions Online / Face to Face
Access Bars® | Clear the mind Individual Sessions $150 90 mins 1 session Face to Face
Hands on Healing | Incl. Energetic unblocking, Access Bars®, Esoteric Massage $350 150 mins 1 session Face to Face
Bling Angel Card Reading $55 20 mins 1 session Online / Face to Face
Esoteric Massage $150 60 mins 1 session Face to Face
Move it or lose it | Stretch Class  $120 60 mins 1 session Online / Face to Face
Personal Training with a difference (in-studio) $120 60 mins 1 session Face to Face
Personal Training with a difference (Home visit) $150 60 mins 1 session Face to Face



EmpowerZen Community Facebook group
with Sally Estlin & Alyson Williams
Weekly classes – 

Join the weekly class:

This is a sacred community of like-minded souls where you can be your true self and find a deeper sense of belonging, meaning and purpose.

In our community we will empower you to align with your true essence by learning to love yourself and own your worth unconditionally.

Your will receive the amplified energy of the group to help ground and stabilise, enabling you to let go of drama, be more in the moment and ultimately live a happier life filled with joy, fulfilment, and success.

Find our how I can help
‘Path to Change’ Free Call | 15 mins

The place to start:
I assess where you are now, where you want to be and map out a tailored HOLISTICALLYFIT Blueprint to get you there.

You may be feeling stressed, stuck, chaotic, blocked, unhappy, overwhelmed, time poor, exhausted, powerless to change, anxious, apathetic, unfulfilled, down/depressed or want more from your life.

In this session, you will experience the ‘3 Minute Diagnostic tool and checklist’ to identify your issues and blocks and uncover what you need to move forward.

Book your free session below to see how I can best help you!


Quantum Healing | Activator Sessions and Programs

The activator sessions are based on ancient Egyptian wisdom, modern science and powerful healing to help you gain stability, alignment and flow. Gain alignment and flow so you can navigate the uncertainty of life.

Identify your deeper level issues and blocks that are holding you back in life. Shift your energy and vibration up, identify solutions to the problems you are facing right now. These sessions guides and supports you to connect into deeper emotional blocks, gain clarity about your path forward, with more meaning and greater self worth.

In recent years Sally has been drawn deeper into energy healing. Realising the way to create real lasting change is to focus on the deep energetic level. The activator program provides the opportunity to go “deeper, quicker” to identify what’s throwing clients out of alignment and then correct and stabilise them in time and space utilising the dimensional (quantum) healing.

“The major change for me has been in my self-confidence. Outwardly I appear very self-assured yet inwardly it was a totally different story, the change has been incredible. I can see my future stretching out before me as full of abundance, success and most importantly love and connection with those whom I care about. Sally has changed all this for me and I am eternally grateful for this shift.” Susan


The healing method of Dimensional therapy involves delving deep into the subtle energetic framework of the body at the nano level, and then utilizing the Energetic System to access, evaluate, and align the frequencies of this framework.

By reinforcing and balancing the human energy field and Egyptian meridians, known as pathways, it helps to stabilize the physical body in space and time, allowing for the expansion of universal consciousness which results in profound healing.

In these sessions I energetically connect with you and use an extensive range of tools and techniques tailored to your needs to raise your conscious awareness and gain an understanding of what has been going on. We then continue through a process of shifting and lifting your energy and those blocks so you can move forward.

Who it’s for : those wanting deeper healing & personal growth

Activator Healer-Coach (Dimensional Therapy) or (Dimensional Coaching) is for men/women feeling lost, confused and not sure how to heal at a deep level. Clearing stress, sabotage and resistance patterns to allow your own bodies unique intelligence to begin to heal and stabilise. In a stable state the human body has the ability to remove resistance to become a master creator and build the life of one’s dreams.

This process helps people to stabilize themselves so that they can heal profoundly, have clarity of purpose, activate their full potential and manifest their dream life. Using Frequency/Energy Medicine, Sacred Geometry, ancient Egyptian Healing Techniques and modern science we stabilize the Nano-Subtle Energetic system of the body which helps to realign your natural energy field and empower you to heal both physically, emotionally and psychologically.


Access Bars®
32 Bars: “Releasing the busy mind”

Calm the mind and connect the body using Access Bars.

Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. These 32 points represent different areas of your life which contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime.

When these points are gently touched it creates space in those areas and allows you to let go of all limitations and open you to receiving and effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life

Having your Bars run is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process – your brain waves slow and your head empties of thoughts, allowing you to gain clarity and become more energised and focused.

This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything! Walk away feeling clearer, lighter, more at peace and energetically renewed.

“Sally is one of the most positively uplifting, joyful and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met, she is inspiring and deeply supportive at the same time.  I highly recommend her” Hanna. R


Hands on Healing | This session pack includes Access bars, Esoteric Massage & Energetic block identifying and clearing work

In this 2.5 hour session you will release stress, feel more at peace, calm and walk away uplifted and like a million dollars.

Meet face to face with Sally for a hands on healing session where you will leave your shit at the door and be completely immersed in a tranquil environment designed to create the space for you to let go of the stressors and strains you have been carrying around and experience what you need to connect and release.

You will experience 3 key stages:

  • Deeper energetic connection process to tap into physical and emotional blocks
  • Experience Esoteric Massage to release these physical and emotional blocks
  • Calm the mind and connect the body using Access Bars
    Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that, when gently touched, effortlessly, and easily release anything that stops you from feeling joy and ease in your life. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations you have stored. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

Walk away feeling clearer, lighter, more at peace and energetically renewed.

“Sally is one of the most positively uplifting, joyful and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met, she is inspiring and deeply supportive at the same time.  I highly recommend her” Hanna. R


Bling Angel Card Readings

Gain support, guidance and direction for the questions you want answers to!

BLING stands for Believe, Love, Insights, New Beginnings and Growth. This uber-clarity session allows us to deeply explore a complex situation . We will pull and discuss even more cards from the BLING decks for greater insights, clarity and direction.

Each Bling Angel Session contains some of the same elements, the length of the session determines how deep we will go.

We’ll connect, ask a question and move around the board while pulling cards, having meaningful conversations about how they apply to your question, and tapping into your own intuition.

  • Cards are selected from the decks of Believe, Love, Inspiration, New Beginnings, Growth (BLING), as well as Diamonds Within, Gold Light and Bling Boost. Each deck has over 100 questions or affirmations, so the possibilities are endless.
  • The cards are full of goodness and bring guidance, identifying the supports you need to step into your future.
  • Sally’s role is to support you through the process and guide you to your inner knowing.

‘Move it or Lose it’ Stretch Class
Online or face to face

Helping women and men improve their flexibility, range of motion and posture.

Stretching is definitely one of the simplest ways to keep yourself in good shape and helps prevent difficulties as you age.

Stretching allows your body to operate more effectively – it helps the blood and lymph flow easier through the body, it helps eliminate metabolic waste from the tissues, and also helps manage or prevent aches and pains.

The whole aim of stretching is to get your muscles moving to maintain and increase your mobility and flexibility. When you don’t stretch muscles – they tighten up, shorten and can put you at risk of joint pain, stiffness and strains and also muscle damage.

Muscles tighten up especially after extended periods of sitting down or lack of movement. Hamstrings can tighten up, necks can start aching or fatiguing, wrists can start to ache and strain from repetitive movements. Now more than ever, our bodies are screaming at us to stretch and lengthen our muscles more often.

Moving these muscles can improve every part of your body from your brain through to your joints and how you feel overall. Even small simple movements can have such a significant impact on not only your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well.

When you stretch your body it revives some life back into you. It helps increase the oxygen flow throughout all your cells in your body. Focusing on your breath is an important part of stretching too.


Personal Training With A Difference |Face to face
In studio or home visit

Helping both men and women become fitter, happier and healthier in their lives, minds and bodies

With over 10 hears of experience personal trainer, I  create a workout plan that’s tailored to your body now and fits in around your lifestyle so you can realistically achieve your health and fitness goals. I will take the guesswork out of your workout, so you can achieve more with the time you have.

You will train in my private boutique and state of the art fitness studio, which gives you the safe space you need to be real and raw.
With my clients I focus on:

  • An achievable plan for you to reach your goals
  • A holistic approach to your health as a whole
  • Creating a healthy mindset
  • Diet, nutrition and hydration
  • Regular structured routine
  • Utilising skills from pilates, yoga and gym training through to kickboxing
  • Understanding what you need no matter where you are at in life, whether you are in your 20’s, recovering from an injury, going through menopause or just getting older.

“I have been attending pretty much 3x a week and have found a new confidence within myself … Sally’s happy, energetic and inspirational attitude is infectious  … you always leave feeling better about yourself and that’s what it should be about” Sam.L

“Working with Sally was a wonderful experience, she did an amazing job at helping me identify areas of my life that needed some attention. We worked together to heal past wounds that impacted my daily life. She gave me tools to overcome reoccurring issues to help me deal with some problems I was facing. And the energy treatments brought some grounding that was much needed to help me go forward with my life projects. Highly recommend it.”


What my clients say…

“Sally was an angel for me when I needed a powerful energy clearing and morale boost. Our 90 minute virtual quantum healing session was very relaxing and soothing. She was excellent at finding my blocks and clearly explained this gentle but deep process so I felt included and supported. After a good night’s sleep (the session helped with that as well), I felt more at peace and had much more clarity and excitement about moving forward where I had been feeling blocked and frustrated. It has been a truly effective and comforting healing experience. Thank you, Sally!” Mongyn Danae







“Through my work with Sally and can honestly say this has changed my life so much in such a positive way over the past few months. I was very stuck in life towards the end of 2018 and couldn’t shake the crappy/negative feeling I was introduced to Sally to be my practitioner and it was the perfect fit.

Sally has guided me through this program like an angel, I didn’t realise how much baggage I was carrying in my life still & have cleared a lot of that baggage, learnt so much about myself, what I really want out of life and what my purpose is in life. My mindset has shifted so much and I feel truly happy, grounded and calm/balanced. My friends and family have also noticed the difference. Sally, thank you so much for everything, you really have given me a 2nd chance to move on from my past & a great opportunity to continue this positive journey and to share it with others.”