What a week it’s been. First quarter of the year is done and dusted and now we’re firing into the second one! Wow! Are you keeping up lol?

So a major theme has been popping up this week and it’s to do with women who are in their 50s and 60s.  I kept hearing the same comments from so many different women so I had to mention it.
The main thing I heard is chicks in this age bracket are really good at  LETTING  STUFF GO.  They don’t  dwell and focus on things like they used to.  They feel so liberated. What used to be perceived as a big “drama” doesn’t really rate on the overall scale of life.
They have also acquired a wealth of knowledge and WISDOM and really just focus their time and energy on the things that truly matter to them. They are overflowing with wisdom and at this age are becoming less visible and recognised so they retreat within to find the answers to life, knowing they are there to help when others are ready.
They are at a point in their life where they have more time for themselves and are ready go inwards and gain a deeper connection with themselves, their intuition and their purpose in life. Someone described it as “turning the light on inside”.  Transitioning their focus from the outside world and their “exterior” to their inside world realising there is so much more to explore when you are ready to go within.
These women are ageing gracefully, but are very conscious of how the internal work is a priority – finding more peace, calm, joy, fun, happiness in their life. They are strong, capable and have worked tirelessly to support others in their life and have chosen to step up and put more of the limelight on themselves and move up on their priority list.  It’s about finding INNER  PEACE with themselves and in their lives.
It’s like in the earlier years, the external stuff was a bigger focus and got them through to a point, and this era is a new phase for personal discovery and growth.  It’s the perfect time.
The more chicks I spoke to, the more I kept hearing the same themes coming up.  This age bracket is a powerfully untapped wealth of wisdom and knowledge gained from a substantial lifetime of experience.  No wonder the sisterhood is a powerful group who support and lift eachother up.  They’ve got each others back and they talk through all their feelings and emotions.  They love workshopping life with their friends.
As an almost 55 year old myself, I could definitely relate to my transformation in my 50s.  It feels so good to be ok with just being me – being comfortable in my own skin.
So over this Easter break – take time to recognise your own magnificence and remember to empower yourself inside and out!
Love Sal