Sally Estlin, along with others is a contributing Author to this book. Keith Leon S. realized during the film production process that he was only going to be able to interview a certain number of experts. He thought to himself, I want to provide people who have just watched the film with their next steps and introduce them to more experts. This is where the idea for this book was born.

In this book, you will:

  • Receive tips and tools from a variety of health advocates
  • Discover more holistic approaches to restore optimum health
  • Learn to consider the full picture of your physical and emotional health
  • Get sound advice for creating health and vitalityfrom the inside out
  • Open your eyes to new possibilities hidden within challenging times

“Looking for your next step regarding self-healing? This book will guide you in discovering how your body has the innate ability to heal itself.”
— Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and author of The Success Principles™: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

“If you saw the INside effects film… this book is literally your next step. Its focus is how the body has the ability to heal and offers ways to do just that.”
— Gwen Lepard, Award-Winning International Bestselling Author, Luminary, and Baggage Begone™ Transformation Coach

the INside effects book is a must read if you’re looking for tools to support healing in your body and your mind.”
— Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, Musician, Featured teacher from the Hit Movie, The Secret

“Finally, a book that talks about healing using a more natural approach.”
— Lisa Warner, Visionary, Life Changer, and Award-Winning International Bestselling Author

Keith has purposely asked all the health advocates in this book the same three questions. This allows you to get specific answers regarding healing, while allowing you to feel into who are the best teachers for you. If you’ve discovered this book without seeing the movie, the INside effects: How the Body Heals Itself, we highly suggest you watch it.

What is “The Clickety-Clack”? Remember when you had a ten-speed bicycle, and you changed from one gear to another? There is that moment when the chain is jumping from one gear to the next gear, but it has not clicked in yet. What sound does it make? Clickety-clack. . . clickety-clack. You have faith it will catch eventually, so you keep pedaling the bike. Your faith pays off because the chain eventually catches, and when it does, you are off in a better gear! If you are in this uncomfortable space between gears—you are in “The Clickety-Clack”.

In this book, you will:

• Receive Tips and Tools from a wide variety of “Experienced Voices”
• Discover you have the “Power to Overcome” any-and-all Life Challenges
• Learn how to make “Positive Changes” in your Emotional and Spiritual health
• Open your eyes to “New Possibilities” hidden within Challenging Times
• Become the One who can find “Peace and Calm” in the Chaos

“This book is filled with practical insights, strategies, and tools, that when used, will make positive change in your life.”
— Bennie Fowler, Superbowl Champion, Motivational Speaker, and Author of “Silver Spoon: The Imperfect Guide to Success”

“Learning about ‘The Clickety-Clack’ will put you at ease during uncertain times in your life.”
— Joe Vitale, Multiple Bestselling Author, Musician, and Featured Teacher from the Hit Movie, “The Secret”

“This book is a welcome reprieve in a world that seems to have lost its mind.”
— Maury Eskenazi, KRKO Radio

“If you are done living a life of anger and frustration, and you’re looking for a way to build a life filled with peace and joy, this is the book for you.”
— Marie Diamond, Spiritual Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Energy Master in “The Secret”

We have brought together the finest group of people to share their Clickety-Clack stories—how they navigated out of “The Clickety-Clack” and how they are able to stay peaceful inside, no matter what is happening outside. May this book guide you to your next steps and to ultimately discover “the peace that passes all understanding”.