Wellness Mindset Journal & Planner

This 30 day journal will help you gain a better connection with yourself and provide positive change in your life.

“Fantastic resource and arrived promptly. I would highly recommend this product.” Laurie

“I just got my journal and I can’t wait to start using it! Thank you so much!” Diana


This journal is your safe place that allows you the opportunity to kickstart your mindful journey of yourself and your life – to shift your mindset and lift into more conscious awareness / connection so that you can step away from the stress and chaos surrounding you and step into a life with more energy, peace and meaning. Of course It’s really important to work on the “external” part of your life – such as keeping your body fit, eating balanced and nutritious whole foods and taking time out to breathe and connect – however getting your mind right is the key to sustainable healthy living and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This is your life and your journey – and everything you do, think & feel all comes down to the CHOICES you make.

“This purchase is everything I wanted and more. Sally’s communication was outstanding. Everything from start to finish is a 5 star plus, plus rating.” Sasha The journal is thoughtfully made and well organized. I am so glad I bought this lovely piece to support my personal well-being and growth. In addition to the wonderful product, my communication with Sally was outstanding. She is kind and genuine with her support of getting the journal to me as quickly as international shipping would allow”. Julie


– NEW A4 design, activities, creative pages and more
– ‘Get the most out of your journal’ guide to success
– 30 day mindful tracker: affirmations, gratitude, self love, positive beliefs
– 30 day vitality tracker: energy, stress and happiness
– 30 day body tracker: water, sleep, meditation, movement and nutrition
– Daily creative and decompress pages
– Quick tips to keep you on track
– Mindful Wellness Self assessments
– Mindfulness Manifesto to motivate you
– Motivational progress pages
– Reward tracking for hitting targets
– DECODING SESSION™ to help you unlock your blocks!
– Reflection journal & progress tracking every 7 days

(Printed & Bound Book)






“Wonderful resource! Highly recommend this book for personal development” Chloe