Now that we are into Feb, it’s a great opportunity to reflect back over Jan and see if anything in your life needs fine tuning.  Great time for a tune up!

I was working with a client today and we were both reflecting upon the importance of boundaries and putting yourself first.

Not just hollow words but actually putting it into action.

There are two types of people in this world – givers and takers.  And as an empath, I know all about the giving part.  Part of my life lessons have been to say NO more often, and implement healthy boundaries – stay resilient and honour myself and my time and energy.  Empaths often become door mats as they are people pleasers – trying to help others.  But what often happens is they get walked over and become worn out, tired and resentful.

It’s amazing how insidious the takers can be.  I don’t know what drives it – whether it’s intentional or not, but I find them so draining.  Most of the time they are not taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.  Instead they are looking outside to others for the answers, rather than doing the inner work and finding them there.

So if you’re reading this, you are definitely a Giver.  So upon reflection, what fine tuning can you make in your life as you head through Feb?  

Are there people to let go of, or things that you can change to allow you to stay in your lane and in alignment and flow?

This year is all about YOU!!  So let’s enjoy it.

Happy weekend.