Here’s three things to help keep you on track and get stuff done this year .  Pick one GOAL, WORD and  SUPPORT WORD for the year!

If you haven’t already done so – take a few minutes to do it!!

I really encourage you to set a key GOAL for the year.  Make it something for you.  Make it achievable, realistic – you know like a SMART goal.  Make it something that excites you and scares you at the same time.  One Goal gives you Clarity to focus on ONE key thing to achieve this year.

Then go ahead and pick a WORD for the year.  I was in a few groups last year where we chose a word for the year and it had a really powerful effect.  Don’t overthink it – just pick the first word that comes into your head.  This is going to be where you focus your energy this year – powerfully stepping into this word.

If you CONSISTENTLY check in on your word  it can help you to stay FOCUSED and on track – so you have a greater chance for success.

Regularly check back in on yourself and see how you’re tracking.  Weekly is good, but even monthly.  Keep yourself accountable.

Now the kicker here is your SUPPORT WORD.  What does this mean?  Well it’s something I came up with because I was thinking what do I need to help me step powerfully into my word for the year?  What word is going to help me get over the line?  So go ahead and pick a SUPPORT Word.  

For example, my Goal for the year is to successfully launch my clothing line.  My Word for the year is Achievement and my support word is Focus.  The more I stay focused and in my lane, the more energy I am putting into achieving my goal and everything else I am planning to do.

This is a powerful year ahead, and now is the perfect time to set your intentions and get the momentum going.

Setting a key goal, picking a word and support word for the year will help you keep on track. 

2023 – Watch out – because YOU’VE GOT THIS!!

Happy weekend!!