What can you do differently?

As we’re starting to settle into this new year, I have been drip feeding myself back into work and study and next week will be relatively “back to normal”.

Since the start of January I’ve been focusing on my own projects.  It’s amazing how much I’ve got done in a couple of weeks when I’m not being “distracted”.

So it got me thinking, what throws me off course – where do I lose my focus?  And it always comes back to the “busy-ness” of life.  Being pulled in so many directions.

To be fair, it’s still school hols so it’s been nice to make an effort preparing nice meals and slow down and enjoy the moments over the past few weeks.

However just the thought of the “commitments” next week is starting to scare me.  So I’ve been thinking a lot about WHY am I doing all these things that keep me “busy” and what can I drop or change.  My WHYs have been pretty powerful, so to counteract any feelings of overwhelm I’ve set myself deadlines to review things.  If they aren’t working for me then they’re gone! Kaput!

In our weekly Holistically Empowered Mindset class this week, the theme which came through really strongly is that this is a powerful year and it’s critical that we put ourselves first.  The oxygen mask analogy – look after yourself first so that you may ably assist others.

You’re no good to anyone if you’re only “half there”.  And as we always say, life’s too short so do the things that you really enjoy and mean something!

Before you get caught up in the rat race and “busy-ness” of life in 2023, I encourage you to look at your diary and be mindful of where you are spending your time.

The one thing you are in total control of is where you spend your time and your energy.  

This is the year to truly honour yourself and your energy!!

So what can you do differently?

Happy weekend!!