This week is all about TRUST and BELIEF and then taking it to the next level!!

So I often talk about just letting go and stepping into TRUST.  Trusting in yourself, trusting the process, just trusting full stop.

Then the second part is BELIEF.  Believing that anything is possible.  That you are worthy, that you CAN do it.  Keeping your beliefs positive and believable!

So then the juicy stuff starts to happen when you take it to the next level.

Once you have TRUST and BELIEF – then imagine that you just ALLOW it to happen and unfold organically.  You’ve positioned yourself in the right energy with TRUSTING and BELIEVING – then you literally LET IT GO and allow the process to unfold and happen in its own magic time.  You don’t have to do ANYTHING!

When you ALLOW everything is now out of your hands – out of your control and you just allow the Universe to work its magic at the perfect timing.

Now the secret part to all of this is laying the solid foundation upon which you base your TRUST and BELIEF and ALLOWING and that is the secret ingredient  … drum roll please … SELF LOVE !!!

Without the strength of your own internal inherent  LOVE for YOURSELF – there’s a lack of that solid base and stability. And this can destabilise you when get hit with doubt and stress and lack of confidence.  Everything needs to come from that underlying base of trusting and believing in YOURSELF because when you’re in that strength place you literally have got your own back.  You actually love yourself for who you truly are – warts and all.  Accepting you for who you truly are and the gifts that you have to share with the world.

So once again I step back into my mantra for myself and my clients … just LET GO, STEP UP and BE MORE of who you truly are and just allow yourself to be more of YOU in the present moment.  Not doing more, just literally being more of you!

So have a think about where your weakest link is – is it  …

SELF LOVE – that you are worthy, that you are empowered, that you can honour yourself

TRUST – trusting in the process, trusting in yourself

BELIEVING –  that it is possible – that you can do it


ALLOWING – allowing things to unfold with perfect divine timing, that the Universe has got your back, that you are in the right place at the right time and everything will unfold perfectly.

So that’s my thought for the week.  What is your weakest link and  what are your thoughts?

Happy December and Summer / Winter!!