Step out of the dark and into the light!

Life is life and we have challenges thrown at us constantly.  Sometimes these can really throw us off course.  When this happens we get dragged down with the heaviness and it can put us out of alignment and become really destabilised.  We just don’t feel right – we don’t feel ourselves.

At these times we often go into “autopilot” and retreat into negative reactions which conjure up those more heavier, negative emotions such as fear, worry, stress. It’s these heavy dark energies that de-stabilise us – make us feel out of sorts and just plain NQR.  Every feeling and emotion we experience has an energy attached to it.

The problem is we tend to hang onto these more negative emotions like fear, worry, stress and then AMPLIFY them by the drama we attach to them and they can end up “ taking over” and controlling us.  The drama is fuelled by old stories we hang onto like “it’s never going to get better, I can’t do it , I’m not good enough, this is as good as it gets etc.  Our daily interaction with the media can also amplify the negative – just look at what’s going on at the moment with the increasing dooms day around the rising cost of living and interest rates. So much heavy energy is constantly thrown in our face.  Choose not to engage and get drawn into the drama of it all.

The key to overcoming these dark feelings is to ALLOW them to flow through you and then let them pass on. Give them some airplay because they are real feelings – but don’t hang onto them because it keeps you stuck.  Allow them the time to pass through.  Also Allow yourself the AWARENESS of what you’re feeling and that you also have a choice to reset and refocus on the positives and the “lightness”.  It’s so important to do a reset and focus on the positives and what you’re grateful for to help shift your energy up.  It’s going to help you shift out of that dark space. As humans we get so caught up in the drama and stories we play out attaching to these heavier emotions so we keep them trapped within us – constantly replaying the same tune. We hang onto them rather than letting them go.  We can drown in all the negativity and heaviness.

Let’s not even go there with the recent drama and fear with toilet paper and supermarket shelves.

The key to becoming more stabilised – more in alignment and flow with ourselves and our lives is to allow these negative feelings and emotions  to flow through us – rather than grabbing hold of them and keeping them contained within us.

I know it is hard to do – but the more you just ALLOW and go with the feelings and allow them to FLOW through you – the quicker you can move forward and reset.

Some days we just need to get through them and focus on the new day ahead.

Remember “This too shall pass”!

We all have good and bad days and it really helps to move along when we just ALLOW ourselves to “write that day off” and reset tomorrow!

Just ride the wave of life – with all its ebbs and flows.  Go with the energy – allow your feelings and emotions to come and then go.  Try not to let them control you.

Try to stick with the lightness of life and work on becoming more consciously aware of when you go down that downward spiral.

Life, particularly at the moment is a magic carpet ride – so hang on and enjoy the ride! Remember wherever there is dark – there’s also light on the other side.  It’s the duality of life.

Stick with the light- because it’s floaty, light, peaceful and a beautiful place to be.  Think of those lighter more enlightened energies such as love, joy, happiness and peace.

The light is where we get in flow with our natural alignment and where we feel most stable.  You know when you’re in that place – it just feels right!

So this weekend – practise letting go of any heavy, negative emotions that are trying to latch on and hang around you.  Tell them to bugger off and hurry up and move on.  Just recognise them and say see ya later alligator.  

It’s so much nicer on the lighter side of life!

Enjoy your weekend!