What is your true voice…? How do you speak your mind…?

English is my second language

Over the past few weeks and months I have literally been saying to people “I feel like English is my second language!”.

My first language is how I find myself speaking most of the time.  My first language is on a deeper more connected level with like minded people.

I find my conversations have a general theme of discussing how we are feeling “energetically”.  If we feel in alignment – if things are in flow or if we feel disconnected – out of sorts, and a bit scattered.

So my first language is talking about ourselves, our lives and how we are feeling and the general vibe around us.

My conversations are more meaningful and I find myself supported and uplifted as more times than not, other people are feeling the exact same way.  Just more confirmation that “it’s not just me!”.

So over the weekend – have a think about what your first language is and how it fulfils and supports you.

I find it so much easier when I’m talking to people who understand me and are on the same page!

Happy weekend!