Weight has been an issue with all my clients this week. They all work hard on a good diet, stick to regular exercise and are positive with their wellbeing.

But they still aren’t fully happy with their bods and their weight.

Guess what! Nobody is perfect and life often trips us up. As we age there’s greater challenges – hormones, metabolism etc. The bod you had at 20 isn’t  coming back.

More research is supporting the thought that weightless is more related to the way we THINK than diet or exercise.

It’ a superficial world we live in but fitting in superficially doesn’t make you happy at the end of the day.

Being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is important to prioritise in your lives however balance on all levels is most important to sustain ongoing.

own your choices and be accountable for them and accept yourself for who you are.  It’s critical for a happier life.

If you work on exercising your mind and the way you think about yourself and your body then you can put better perspective into your life and make more positive choices.

Here’s 3 things you can do to create weight freedom.

  1. Assess – your diet, exercise regime, lifestyle habits and commit to change
  2. Admire – look in the mirror and love what you see – flaws and all
  3. Action – let stuff go – your thoughts / feelings and anxieties that drive you nuts – shake them off.

Get your mind right and you’ll love your bod more and get the weight freedom you deserve.

Love to hear you feedback!