How are you feeling today? What’s going on in your world? Were do you sit out of 10 overall?

In this crazy fast paced world how often do we genuinely ask others how they are going?

Oxford research shows that being kind to others actually increases our own happiness.

I know with my clients I get significantly better results when I connect on a deeper level and appreciate what they are dealing with and work within their limits.

everybody is dealing with “stuff” and it can be a lonely world living with yourself when you’re detached from true caring and kindness.

We should all make a bigger effort to connect with others and mean it from the heart – and it doesn’t just have to be family and friends.

here’s 3 easy things you can do right now and it doesn’t cost a thing:

  1. Ask someone how they are going
  2. Show genuine interest in their situation
  3. Show support with words or a gesture or a hug (if appropriate!!)

See how they react and how it makes you feel.

Would love to hear your feedback.