How often do you make this a priority?

Your biggest super power is to honour yourself enough to ensure you balance your energy and make rest a priority.

It was interesting, I was doing some assessments on a couple of clients this week and both of them had the message come up to REST!!

But interestingly the message for both of them was to rest up in different ways.  Yes we all get physically exhausted, especially those who are the competent multi taskers (like all of my clients).  They are so capable that a lot of the time it’s just easier to do the tasks themselves, than wait for others to help or do them.

However, at the end of the day / week – they fall in a heap, dribbling on the couch with tiredness – worn out and completely stuffed!!   Over time this builds resentment and a whole heap of other more negative emotions.  So taking time out to REST ad RECHARGE is critical before long term physical breakdown.

For those with “busy” minds it’s also important to REST the constant drain of the critical, judgemental, sabotaging head chatter of the Inner Critic and constant over thinker. A lot of people just can’t “turn off” their minds – so I suggest to channel your thoughts into inspiring actions which “satisfy the soul”.  What I mean is channel your mind into keeping it busy with actions that will help you rest it – eg: baking a cake – you’re giving the mind a task to do with a really soul satisfying outcome.  Imagine the smell of the cake baking in the oven and think of how peaceful you feel when you’re doing it.  It also turns your mind off those heavy negative thoughts and is “busy” being distracted following the recipe and this is quite a restful activity.  Doing jigsaw puzzles, and painting, crosswords, doing craft work are all examples of keeping the mind channelled into positive activities and resting it from the overthinking, stressful, anxious thoughts.

Resting your body emotionally is also important. Are you running on adrenaline – doing too much, fearful or anxious and getting drained from being constantly in “fight / flight” mode – or living with constant stress and your cortisol is through the roof??  This can be so destructive and can play havoc with your health and body.  Having long, hot epsom salt baths are awesome to “calm the farm” and rest and recharge your adrenals. Listening to soothing music, snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book.  What works to calm your emotions?  A big cuddle with your partner or kids?

So as the weekend approaches – what are you going to do to REST and RECHARGE?  What’s your priority – is it to rest physically – put your feet up and “do nothing”; or is it to rest your “busy mind” and give it soul satisfying activities or perhaps you need to emotionally rest from the stresses and strains of whatever is going on in your life.

So honor your body and honor yourself this weekend and make YOU a priority. Your body will love you on all levels!!

Enjoy 😉 😊