A common theme has been coming up lately with a lot of my clients – and it’s all about allowing themselves to receive!!!

So many people I know are such enormous “givers” – so caring, loving, generous, empathetic and have the world’s most enormous hearts.

But a lot of them also have problems with receiving it back!!  Do you find it hard to receive compliments, to receive gifts and help from others?  Does it make you feel uncomfortable?  

If you are constantly giving and not receiving – over time it you can build up resentment and even burnout.

To  “give” to someone also means someone has to be at the other end to “receive”. Keep the energetic flow going in the universe – giving and receiving is a dynamic exchange.

Try receiving this weekend – in a good way!! Not feeling guilty or awkward but appreciating the beautiful intent behind the gesture.  Giving and receiving brings happiness to everyone and is a win-win for all!!


Happy weekend – and enjoy the long weekend for those who have one!!