This week I had a massive breakthrough and felt as though I’d cracked the code as to what the answer to life and being happy really is! It was a pretty powerful awakening.

I do heaps of connecting work with my soul and the universe.  Every day I do a ritual to connect in with a heap of gratitude and ask the universe questions often around direction or to show me the way where I then receive “messages’ or get “downloads”.

So this week the penny dropped and I fully felt the answer. It felt like the missing piece of the puzzle was discovered and the jigsaw is now complete!! And of course it’s soooo simple, but bloody hard to implement!

When I “got it” – I felt this massive surge of release and relaxation in my body.  A very big AHA moment.

My Mantra with myself and my clients is to Let Go, Step Up and Be More  – so that you can BE more of you in the present moment – more in alignment and flow.

And what does it mean when you are more of you in this present moment, more stable and everything feels right and in alignment?  Well this is the missing link … it allows your energy to FLOW through you and around you easily and effortlessly. It’s all about your energy flow.

When you get in this state you can get out of your STUCKNESS and into your FREEDOM.  Everything is lighter, freely flowing and you just feel content, happy and at peace.  It’s SUCH a good feeling.

SO how do we do this?  Well, the secret lies within each of us.

Well it sounds easy but it really requires you to do the work to connect in on a deeper level, roll your sleeves ups and be prepared to go all in.  

How many times have you read a book to help you find the answers, or gone to healers or therapists to “be healed”?  Well yes they all help to facilitate your growth and healing, however this is your body and you are the only one who can heal yourself.  And the answer requires you to firstly have awareness of your resistant points within your body and yourself.  Now that can be heavy duty – to peel off the layers and duck dive down into what’s really going on.  Then you’ve got to clear these resistant points so you can realign with an increased level of consciousness and understanding and deeper growth.  Then finally as you become more of you – when you can Be More in the present moment, then you reawaken the natural state of who you truly are – as a  pure energetic being radiating out love and lightness  – like a shining beacon.  It really is all about your energy and getting it flowing – overcoming any of the energetic blocks you are hanging onto and have created over your lifetime.

The process all makes sense to me but the tricky stuff is actually implementing all of this.  You can’t change what you don’t know – so start tuning into your body, your feelings, your emotions and your energy.  The deeper you go, the more you will know!  

So there’s 3 main steps: which go along with my Mantra: 

Step 1: Let Go: Release – any thoughts, feelings, emotions and old patterns which may have formed relationships around aspects in your life like money or relationship stories.  Let go of judgements from others and from yourself, let go of stuff that doesn’t matter or serve you anymore. Let go of the blocks which are holding you back.

Step 2: Step Up: Realign – Step up into a greater level of awareness and conscious connection with yourself and your body.  Step up into a deeper level of growth and healing.

Step 3: Be More: Reawaken – your soul, your spirit, your energy to be in flow – have it flowing through you, in you and around you.  To be in your natural state – who you truly are in this present moment, just being more of this grounded, peaceful and calm aligned person.

This stuff isn’t woo woo – it’s just the practical way to live your life in a more balanced, connected and conscious way.  Understanding this is the biggest step forward and will help to implement action steps as you transition into a greater version of yourself. 

So this weekend, have a think about what is blocking your energy flow.  Where are you getting stuck or sick or sore?  What emotions are sitting around this creating resistant points – where are you feeling this in your body.  Try connecting into your body this weekend and start asking it questions.  You just never what you might “ hear” when you’re tuning in.  Remember your body just sends you messages because it’s got something to stay.  So why not Listen, Learn and Act on the messages you’re receiving!  

Isn’t it time you got unstuck and felt stable, happy and free!! 

Happy weekend!