Momentum is everything.

I’m sitting on a plane ✈️ flying to Qld for my friend’s National body building comp.

As we were climbing the stairs to board the plane we looked at each other and reflected briefly on our year so far.  “What a year!” Nic said and I responded with “Yeh it sure is, we’ve achieved heaps, but it wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t put in the work”.   To get to this point it’s really required a solid mindset of just keep going, keep pushing through and staying focused on the task at hand.  Keeping that momentum going.

So it’s now October and as we enter the last quarter of the year – take a moment to reflect on your year so far. Have you kicked a few goals? Or, have you got more you’re choosing to achieve before another year bites you in the butt?

Nothing happens if you do nothing … you can’t win Tattslotto if you don’t buy a ticket!

As I always love to say “nothing changes if nothing changes”.  If you really want change in your life you have to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”. So is it time for you to do things differently and get started?  Time to pull your finger out?

It’s never too late to start and all it takes is for you to literally take the first step.  Simple, small steps. This helps reduce the overwhelm and find the motivation to actually start.

Then once you start, you’ve started moving forward and shifting your energy.  This gives you more momentum – you’ve got the ball rolling and it’s going in the right direction. Yahoo!!

Add in a “never give up” attitude and you’ve got a winning combo.  You’re moving forward not back … so just keep going!

When clients would come to my gym for the first time – I’d always say “you’ve taken the hardest step” and that was walking up those stairs! Making the choice and commitment to get started is the hardest step.

So this weekend – have  a think about what goals you’d like to achieve in the next 3 months of this year.  There’s no time like the present to get started!

So set some goals, get started, stay focused and keep going! That’s going to get you across the line!

And a final little tip – share your goals with a friend. This provides great momentum. It makes you more accountable, is a great source of encouragement and also great for workshopping through the highs and the lows!

So as I sit on the plane ✈️ , I’m reflecting on my journey with Nic.  This is her 8th year competing – and over those years we have worked out together, we’ve laughed, cried, set goals, shared our hopes n dreams, workshopped life and kept going through the good times and the more challenging ones.  Being in lockdown in Melb  last year stopped the chance to compete in the Nationals but with the right attitude, and lots of hard work she kept the momentum up and is getting back up on stage to compete for the national  title of Miss Fitness Australia Over 50s, which she was has won twice before.

Momentum is everything!

Happy weekend!