Asking… Ask and you shall receive!!

Working away with clients this week and I found the theme of “asking” coming up a bit.

Do you find it hard to ASK for help and struggle along on your own trying to solve a problem? Do you find you “do it all” and tend to be lumped with all the responsibility and you end up doing all the heavy lifting?

So many “burdens” could be reduced or even eliminated by simply asking.  The mere act of “Asking” for help can lighten your load and can solve many problems.

So that leads to the deeper question: “What’s stopping you?”  Is it your pride?  Is it embarrassing, fear of being seen as inadequate or don’t want to “bother” someone else?  Whatever is getting in your way – try and identify what it is so you can work towards overcoming it.  

You may be surprised at the response from others when you start to ask for help.  People love to help others – and so it’s a win-win – someone is giving and the other is receiving! It’s a beautiful dynamic.

So this weekend if you’re feeling overwhelmed, got too much on your plate or sick and tired of doing too much – give it a go – and just ASK for help.

You never know – this just might be the start of a whole new way of living!! 

Happy Weekend!!